The moment needle and ink pierce the skin you have joined the ranks.  Whether small, or big you have submitted yourself to judgments positive and negative.  It's a brave step that more and more unique individuals are willing to take.  At Queens Head, we want to show our pride of those few through the cloth you wear on your backs.  Our shirts, designed by tattooers from around the world,  represent the special club in which we are fortunate enough to reside. 

Bold lines and rich colors that consume the fabric find themselves deeply rooted in the fundamentals of building a tough long lasting tattoo. Our respect and love for the tattooed lifestyle has lead us to this unique journey in being able to bring you high quality, durable and down right jaw dropping apparel.  We can't express enough how honored we are to be a part of this rare group of hard headed, tough, brave and ink stain individuals.



                                                    Bad bones, good fortune - Queens Head